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                  Employees of social etiquette training
                  Author:IT   Source:Yosun        2015-07-02

                  To further enhance the communication skills of foreign workers, enhance their own quality, enhance corporate image, the company in March 27, 2015 the organization of social etiquette training company employees in the training room, personally taught by the chairman Mr. Wang Xiaolong. The training comprehensive account of the meeting etiquette, dining etiquette, toast culture, travel etiquette, travel etiquette, communication etiquette, communication etiquette, hospitality etiquette basic etiquette. In order to achieve better training results, Wang Xiaolong, chairman give you about their experience, language, humor, make trainees in a relaxed atmosphere to deepen the knowledge and understanding of etiquette, and mastered many practical social etiquette.
                  Advocating social etiquette, not only is the trend of the times, it is realistic to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises required. A certain amount of social etiquette, from a personal point of view, help to improve their training; from a business perspective, not only to better shape the corporate image, improve customer satisfaction, but also ultimately enhance economic and social benefits. Therefore, as an employee Ningbo Yong dual-car components Inc., in any social situation, we must regulate their demeanor, let futami cultural and spiritual widespread.

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