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                  Celebrate Ningbo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Yong double sea in the
                  Author:   Source:        2015-07-01

                  March 11, 2015, the National SME share transfer system limited liability company sent a letter to the company's stock in the country agree with me that the SME share transfer system (new board) listing, Ningbo Yong dual sea Ninghai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. became the first " new three board "listed companies success.
                  From 2006 to create businesses, and today a strong landing the "new three board", never steady development through nine double sea journey. Timeless, permanent development of dual ushered in a new era of sea.
                  April 2014 to declare three new board listing, then at Ericsson accounting firms, law firms Hangzhou Tat, financial securities through nearly six months of concerted efforts on 18 December at the National SME share transfer system for the record; 2015 On January 31, February 10, respectively, to complete the share transfer system feedback responses, Ninghai County became the first record companies through the system; March 11, officially received the "new three-panel," the confirmation notice. In less than a year's time, permanent dual sea successfully landed the "new three board", the result is gratifying!
                  Development is inseparable from the capital, never double the sea in the auto parts industry wants to continue to grow, the need for external financial support and resources integration, which is undoubtedly the most effective and the most feasible solution. Successfully listed three new board to bring the company's benefits are manifold:
                  First, help broaden the financing channels, improve the company's capital structure, to guide the company standardized operation;
                  Second, help to improve the liquidity of the Shares of the company, the company has brought a positive wealth effect;
                  Third, help enhance the company's brand influence and value, increasing the likelihood of the company listed.

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