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                  Annual awards ceremony, held a grand celebration of the ninth anniversary
                  Author:   Source:        2015-06-25

                  March 9, pairs of permanent sea of family members, this is a special day. Year today, we will gathered, the company held a grand anniversary celebration. This year is 2015, Wing double sea has gone through nine years. 9 Li Mi new future, never double sea 2015 annual awards ceremony was held in celebration of the ninth anniversary of the gold auditorium. Leadership at all levels of the company, colleagues, partners and special guests, etc. come together, this grand festival.
                      14:30, under the chairmanship of Vice President Mr. Zuo Ge branch, the General Assembly began. At the meeting, Mr. Lv Haitao, president of the company issued 2014 annual summary of 2015 operating plan report; chairman Mr. Wang Xiaolong is a business development plan for the year 2015, delivered an important speech, he said that in 2015 the company focused direction is to strengthen basic management, comprehensive cost optimization, and encourage everyone in the new year, united, will develop to a new height double sea forever.

                  Then ushered in the awards ceremony this evening in a relaxed lively opening dance. Host site announced the 2014 annual list of outstanding employees, in a warm applause, hard work and outstanding individuals on behalf of a year of advanced team in this day harvest the honor to accept the company's most senior leadership recognition.
                  Inspiring ceremony ended, in the midst of laughter host announced permanent double sea ninth anniversary gala began. Young hearts sprout new hope, unity will our brilliant achievements. The first is the company's nine teams to sing "red songs" in the form to show you never double sea unite the human spirit and common Zhu Fuyong double happy birthday ninth anniversary of the sea. Followed by a soulful male solo, the audience hilarious sketch show, veteran gold "Beijing song singing", ERP team vibrant "song skewers", female solo "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" reserve cadres "skewers Dance ", Miss Lin Hong emotional" applause sounded. " . . . . . Zibianziyan programming, music and dance stage performances, magnificent visual impact, an offer the audience a rich cultural feast. The last variety show singing all the cast and crew, "love each other" in a successful end.

                  After a brilliant show, and again to the exciting lucky draw. The party set up a 99 lucky prize, nine prize, three second prize and an award. Also interspersed with a wealth of interactive games, hey turn the audience. When the audience not only draw the hearts of employees at sixes and sevens, draw guests also excited, along with every system rolls are cheers every name announced is a scream and congratulations, heavy suspense and surprises continue stimulate the audience frayed nerves. Off the audience cheering frenzy, is chairman of Mr. Wang Xiaolong stage tonight as we announced the first prize winner. Reserve cadres from the mold's Hang Fei Pu hi prize, get a ipad air. For a time screaming, applause, was able to get all of them are lucky employees crowed. Holding themselves able to get awards, staff full of happiness.
                  This event is already over a 2014 painting of a successful close, as 2015 dawns the promise of good wishes, music, applause, cheers until 7:30 pm before the evening ended with gradually dispersed, The leader's speech and wonderful program but evocative endless.

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