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                  The first good voice singing contest
                  Author:IT   Source:Yosun        2015-06-22

                  Fifteen sixteen month child circle, in which the Moon reunion day, never double sea ushered in "the first ever double sea good voice singing competition."
                  18 o'clock at night, the company hospital full of people, singing competitions in the introduction ebullient host officially kicked off. The competition invites West Branch, vice president of professional managers Club Mr. Ren Yinhui, West shop into huguofeng school teacher, Mr. Lv Haitao, president of Miss Wang Congfen assistant to the president, Office of Miss Ren Zhangyan as competition judges, chairman of the company Mr. Wang Xiaolong as special invited guests attended to watch the game.
                  The game has a total of 18 employees participating, both new recruits reserve cadres, there are workshop frontline staff, and managers at all levels, reflecting the vitality of the company employees at all levels. Repertoire and forms, as many of them contemporary pop tracks and more Huangmei opera interpretation. Wonderful music, melodies, loud and clear voice, filled with enthusiasm. Are tonight compose beautiful music.
                  End of the game, die company won the game tonight crown, Quality Department and the Office of two new recruits reserve cadres won the runner-up, injection molding plant, production logistics unit and Shen research to obtain third good results.
                  A song that still linger in the ear, in the song and applause, we spend this wonderful time, I believe that next year at this time, we feel still good, the next full moon I believe, our hearts are still young.

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