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                  Service hotline:0574-65178885
                  E-mail: yosun@yosun.net.cn
                  2013 07 : enterprises completed the shareholding system reform in Zhejiang province equity trading center listed successfully
                  2013 07 : Ningbo City, the title of high growth enterprises
                  2012 09 : the title of the City Engineering (Technology) center
                  October 2011: won the title of national high-tech enterprises
                  2011 06 : Tieling company investment construction, and in November 2011 to complete the production of investment
                  2010 December: Beiqi Saab PSA review
                  December 2010: Ningbo science and technology enterprises to obtain the title
                  October 2010: Ninghai County Engineering Technology Center
                  2010 08 : the establishment of R & D center north base in Tieling company
                  2010 04 : SGM review by PSA
                  2010 04: the establishment of Yongcheng shuanghai mould company, specializing in mold, fixture, fixture design, development, manufacturing
                  2010 01 : the establishment of R & D center, under the design and Development Department
                  2009 November: the establishment of Yongcheng Huibang company, specializing in automobile body sheet metal stamping parts, chassis design, development, manufacturing
                  Brilliance China, Brilliance Jinbei, Xiamen Golden Dragon, BAIC Saab was developed multiple host plant a tuyere, ashtray, tea cup bracket, a storage box, etc. function, operating mechanism, the body sheet metal parts project; at the same time by Yanfeng Visteon, Jiangyin Wanqi, Huaxiang group, Wuhu Johnson, GAC Johnson, Dongfeng Visteon through parts enterprises for Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, Chery Automobile, Dongfeng steam by vehicles, Fiat, the Great Wall automobile, Changan Automobile etc. clients supporting 2007.07--2011.09
                  May 2007: Brilliance Auto H1S, M2 and other models of tuyere, ashtray, tea cup bracket, control mechanism and so on product project, establish the company's core industry direction
                  2007 02 : TS16949 AQA certificate
                  December 2006: ISO14000 ISO9001 certificate
                  2006 03: the company was founded

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