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                  Service hotline:0574-65178885
                  E-mail: yosun@yosun.net.cn

                  YosunDepending responsibility for the legislation of the country, the courage to play itself mission and responsibility

                  ■ Run the business and achieve customer satisfaction, employee happiness, shareholder trust, self-scientific development is the primary responsibility of yosun。

                  ■Promote the common progress of the industry, improve the industrial chain competitive advantage is the industry yosun bounden responsibility. 。

                  ■ Implementing the "innovative country" strategy, actively explore innovation and development of enterprises in the high-tech field and road mode, to protect national security, to achieve state-owned assets is never paired sea solemn commitment to the country. 。

                  ■ Development orientation is to become the most outstanding features of automotive interior parts design, development and manufacturing suppliers. Enterprises to "the most suitable is the best" business philosophy to "service to create value" for the management model and advocate always maintain the entrepreneurial passion, the courage to dream full of impact, determined to serve the automotive industry, to build China's well-known brand, and create a better of life and make unremitting efforts! Chinese enterprises to explore an effective way to enhance the status of the global market, do a good corporate citizen, is yosun conscious social responsibility.。

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