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                  Service hotline:0574-65178885
                  E-mail: yosun@yosun.net.cn
                  Business philosophy: the most suitable is the best
                  Management: services to create value
                  Responsibility philosophy: I am the root of everything
                  Philosophy: to do one thing first of all to good planning how to do
                  Training philosophy: repeat, repeat, repeat
                  Employing the concept: loyalty, intentions, atmospheric, honest
                  Quality concept: real, seriously, they should follow
                  Philosophy of mind: After all the hardships of a memory, is also very good
                  Wealth idea: let a good thing to share with everyone the real pleasure and enjoyment
                  Sales philosophy: all sales are to love
                  Service concept: the mentality of Thanksgiving, customer service, service to the community
                  Competition concept: core capability, so the industry first, do not fight the enemy soldiers

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